Adoptable Animals

Here at the Northern Colorado Herpetological Society we want our adoptable animals to find their perfect forever homes and we want adopters to find their perfect match. So we want to encourage a dialogue between the adopters and our adoption counselors by talking one on one about our animals and their needs in a forever home. If you are interested in adopting one of our animals please send us a message!

Adoptable Animals

Yoshi is a spunky and curious adult Tegu. He enjoys long naps in his favorite hide and is an eager eater of protein and fruits, but he can be a little picky about eating his vegetables. Yoshi is looking for an adult only home with a lot of space to explore at his leisure. Yoshi has some small deformities in his toes due to improper shedding in his early years so his forever home will need to be conscious of potential future health risks and be ready for lots of soaks and keeping enclosure humidity at the proper level for his species.

This super sweet spud was affectionately named by his previous owner and the name was too cute to switch! Mr. Potato Head likes spending his time watching the world go by out the window and snuggling up with his favorite humans.

Suraj is a shy and quiet type. He spends much of his time snuggled up in his favorite hides and usually only comes out to explore in the dead of night. We suspect he may have some vision problems and needs to be hand fed his meals.

Soraya is a sweet and curious leopard gecko. She prefers the night life and loves hunting for her food. Novelty items seem to interest her and she is always watching the world around her. Soraya does well for handling would love a home that would allow her to experience new things often at her own pace.

Baashir prefers to lead and not follow. He can be Feisty for feeding and loves to chase down his food. Baashir would prefer an adult only home where he can be handled infrequently.

Leo is an energetic, spunky leopard gecko that came to us last Christmas. He’s about 1 year old, and loves to eat crickets and meal worms! He is always out and about exploring his enclosure, and is a very curious little guy. He would enjoy a home where someone would enjoy giving him lots of enrichment in his enclosure, and would prefer to be watched instead of being held. He’s a squirmer and he’s got places to go!

Loki is a curious and hungry dude. He spends his days snuggled up in his favorite hides, and his evenings exploring. He will always peek his head out of his hide to say hello and his favorite pastime is food. Loki would love an adult only home where he can get some handling experience and the chance to explore.