​Every captive animal deserves a caring home. Modern research has proven that reptiles, like all animals, are sentient beings; that is, they each have their own distinct personality, they are aware of their own needs and surroundings, and they have feelings and emotions. We strive to treat each and every animal with equal care, compassion, and respect, as we pass this understanding along to anyone willing to learn.

When you decide you want a new pet, please take the time to do your research first.
Check out our education page for care guides and more information:

Make sure the animal you decide to get is the right one for you and that you will be able to care for their needs by talking with us about species you are interested in and their care needs in captivity.
Once you’ve done your homework, please also consider adopting! Like any sheltered animal, adoptable reptiles come from a variety of backgrounds, some are no longer wanted for a variety of reasons, some have been neglected and even abused. But they all deserve better, caring forever homes.

How Our Rescue Works

We do not yet have a facility to house our rescue animals as we are a volunteer and “home” run organization. This means we need the generosity of foster homes and wonderful people to care for our rescue animals until forever homes can be found for them. We are so lucky to have our foster homes for these animals! However, because of our limited resources and lack of a facility we operate on a limited intake basis; this means we can only rescue as many animals as we have the resources and foster homes to accommodate. This also allows us to be sure we can care for the animals that come into our care throughout their entire lives if necessary.


Giving any animal a forever home is a wonderful and fulfilling feeling and reptiles and amphibians in captivity deserve homes too! If you’re ready to adopt please do your research first to make sure you and/or your family are ready for the commitment of the animal you are interested in. We are always here as a resource for questions and counseling!


No matter the circumstances, we are happy to help assist in re-homing a reptile or amphibian in need. We do not always have the resources to take in new animals as we rely on our wonderful foster homes and donations to care for these animals but we can always counsel you through the re-homing process and  provide other resources to help.


Ever thought about bringing a reptile home but not quite ready to make the full commitment of adoption? Fostering is perfect for either the experienced Herptile keeper or someone new to reptiles or pets in general. We provide the equipment, knowledge, and veterinary care; and in exchange you provide the animal with love, care, and attention!