Get Involved

Volunteering is a fantastic way to gain experience in the field as well as give back to your community. We offer volunteer opportunities through our education and outreach programs. These programs provide a chance for the community to engage with and gain a better understanding of often misunderstood reptiles and amphibians. We believe these interactions are key to creating a community that is better adapted to co-existing with native reptiles and amphibians that are so important to our ecosystem. We also believe these programs help families and individuals understand the needs of their reptile and amphibian pets.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Participating in fundraising events can be anything from animal handling, to directing guests, to collecting donations, these events often have many roles and require volunteers to operate with little

Assisting in our education programs consists of traveling to schools and other organizations and performing educational lectures and animal handling.

Another way to volunteer your time is to foster an animal. NCHS provides all materials needed to care for the animal. We only ask fosters to provide foods for the animal when the animal needs frequent food items that can go bad quickly (salads).

In the future we plan to offer more in depth animal care volunteer opportunities with the development of our facility.

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