About Us

The Northern Colorado Herpetological Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community driven organization that operates on a volunteer basis. Our team is a dedicated group of volunteers from a variety of different backgrounds that come together to provide our community with Reptile and Amphibian rescue, conservation, and education for all. 

Meet our Board of Directors:

Kate Boyd


Kate Boyd grew up with a deep connection to animals and nature, having many pets and access to a variety of wildlife to experience. She is inspired by Steve Irwin and Sir David Attenborough to continue to learn about the amazing animals that share our world and to find ways for humans to better respect and coexist with them. Kate became particularly interested in herpetofauna while pursuing her degree in Zoology from Minnesota State University, Mankato, where she participated in an internship at a Reptile and Amphibian Zoo and she was hooked. These often misunderstood animals needed a voice for their respect and conservation that she wanted to give to them. Kate can often be found presenting at our education and outreach programs. She now lives with her large scaly and furry rescue family in Northern Colorado where she continues to volunteer for many animal related non-profits and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Email: info@nocohs.org

Hannah Caracalas

Vice President – Social Media Coordinator

Hannah is an undergraduate student at Colorado State University studying Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology with a concentration in wildlife biology. She is aiming to get a graduate degree sometime after completing her BS in 2021 and studying herpetology! She currently has five reptiles, a veiled chameleon named Galileo, a milk snake name Circe, two leopard geckos named Delilah and Leia, and a bearded dragon named Ace. She also has a small planted freshwater aquarium housing a snail named The Antichrist. Outside of her time volunteering with NCHS, working towards her degree, and taking care of her animals, Hannah is also involved with a club on the CSU campus that works to provide educational and professional opportunities for underrepresented and nontraditional students in the field of ecology. She is passionate about a wide variety of biological and ecological sciences but holds a special place in her heart for reptiles and amphibians. Her goal in life is to improve their public image and help with conservation efforts for these often undervalued animals. In addition to being VP, Hannah also coordinates our social media platforms, so go check out her posts on our Facebook and Instagram!

Email: Hannah@nocohs.org

Nicole & Renee Schultz

Nicole – Secretary
Renee – Treasurer

Renee and Nicole are a mother-daughter team that have been part of the herpetological society since its beginning, and have continued to contribute to the growth and development of everything we do! Nicole has always had a love for animals and started with reptiles in particular with her pet King Snake (and animal ambassador) Sir Hiss and now also has a Bearded Dragon named Laurel. Nicole is a senior in High School and her hobbies include crocheting and playing the saxophone in both concert and jazz band. She has always loved to volunteer for animal related organizations. Renee has always always supported her daughter in everything she does and wanted to help contribute to NCHS as the Treasurer, having Bachelors of Science in Math as well as a wealth of experience in rental management. In her free time she enjoys hiking, traveling, and spending time with friends. Together they manage our financials and participate in many educational programs

Email: Nicole@nocohs.org

Dallas Schindeler

Rescue and Adoption Coordinator

Dallas Schindeler lives in Fort Collins, Colorado and has volunteered and worked with a variety of non-profit animal organizations for the past five years including wildlife sanctuaries, zoos, rehabilitation centers, and animal shelters. She currently works as a Training Specialist for a local animal shelter and is the Adoption Counselor for Northern Colorado Herpetological Society. Growing up, Dallas always loved exotic animals and dreamed of owning them as pets, but as she began working in animal welfare and pursuing a degree in Conservation Biology she recognized the many issues associated with the exotic pet trade industry. Her passion shifted from wanting to purchase these animals to inspire her community to recognize the beauty in rescuing, and respecting exotic animals and wildlife. She continues to promote ways in which we can have a positive impact on local and global species through conservation efforts and continued education.  When she is not saving animals, Dallas likes to spend time with her two rescue dogs, three ball pythons, and her tegu, Sobe. She loves watching scary movies, finding new vegan restaurants, hiking and snowboarding, and living in Colorado!

Email: Dallas@nocohs.org

Gaby Carbonell

Volunteer and Foster Coordinator

Gaby has had a passion for science and biology from a young age. A recent graduate from CSU with a degree in Biology, her goal is to forward scientific study to help the world better understand animals and our environment to find a way to better coexist with them. Gaby currently has a bearded dragon, Coach Frank, who she adopted from NCHS two years ago as well as a Leopard Gecko, Mango. Gaby is forwarding scientific research for sea turtles in South America.

Email: Gaby@nocohs.org

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